How to delete or purge previous years of data in QuickBooks?

Deleting or purge previous years of data in QuickBooks

What is it?

The process of removing old transactions and other information from your data file.

Why is it needed?

To optimize performance, and much more...

What can be removed?

  • Closed purchase orders, customer orders, and held documents.
  • Transaction (history) documents based on date, including receipts, vouchers, inventory adjustments, transfer slips, and Time Clock records.
  • Price Manager price change records and inactive price discounts.

What is not removed?

  • Items, customers, vendors, employees, and departments; though if you delete these records manually, this process will optimize your data.
  • Documents that refer to other non-removed documents; such as a deposit receipt for an active customer order.


Steps to get rid of old data

Step 1

  • Click the "Reports" menu, "Company & Financial" and "Open Invoices." Make a list of any invoices that haven't been closed. Close these invoices before running the condense data utility if you want to clear these transactions.


Step 2

  • Select the "Reports" menu, "Vendors & Payables" and "Unpaid Bills." Close any bills that appear in the report.

Step 3

  • Click the "Reports" menu and "Customer Transaction Detail." Select the "Uncleared Transactions" detail to see any uncleared transactions and use the reconcile tool to reconcile them.

Step 4

  • Click "File," "Utilities" and "Rebuild Data." Click "OK."

Step 5

  • Choose "Local Backup." Click "Options" and select a location for your backup.

Step 6

  • Click "Complete Verification," "OK" and "Next."

Step 7

  • Enter a filename for the backup and click "Save." Click "OK."

Step 8

  • Close and restart QuickBooks.

Step 9

  • Click "File," "Utilities" and "Condense Data."

Step 10

  • Complete the information requested by the prompts in the wizard and select a date range for your company file.

Step 11

  • Select "Chart of Accounts" and any other accounts you want to include in the condense data process.

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