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There are no early warning signs to alert you to potential problems with your QuickBooks data file.  However, corruption and inability to use QuickBooks (QB) can occur if file size is unchecked.  You may have used your QB file for 5 or 10 years.  It’s reasonable to expect some clean up on the data file.  When your QuickBooks starts slowing down or locking up, you definitely need help.  It may be an indication that your file is too big or is corrupt.

If the size of the file is over 300 MB, you might be facing the issue of slowing down of QuickBooks while doing any task or during any transaction, processing payment or generating reports. Like Excel or other office file reducing tools and tips not working to reduce the file size of QuickBooks also there are chances of data damage when you make any change in location or name of QuickBooks Files.

How do I find the size of my QuickBooks data file?

In QuickBooks itself, hold down Ctrl 1(one).  A box will come up.  Your file size is in the middle left section of the box.  The file size is listed in Kilobytes (K) to translate to Megabytes (MB) simply drop the numbers after the comma.  (Example: 154,212K is 154 MB’s.) If you have two commas, simply drop both commas and you’ll have the amount in gigabytes. (example: 1,000,000 is 1 Gigabyte)

When your data file already exceeds 400 MB, you are at high risk for:

  • Data loss or corruption
  • Slower transaction entry/report processing
  • Crashes
  • Faulty backups

How can I reduce the database size?

There are three ways to do this:

  • Condense or Cleanup QuickBooks has a built-in utility that will reduce the file size of your QuickBooks data file. The QuickBooks condense operation condenses closed transactions into summary journal entries. If any list items are not used, they are deleted from QuickBooks (lists: customers, employees, vendors). There are some transaction types the Condense operation will not remove.
  • QuickBooks Supercondense:

The QuickBooks SuperCondense service is an advanced version of the Quickbooks condense process and will shrink your company data file by 50-80%.

What is a SuperCondense?

The SuperCondense service will shrink the size of your data file to almost 50-80% of the original file size. A smaller QuickBooks data file will have the following benefits:

  • Performance Boost: QuickBooks will run significantly faster
  • Stability: Smaller files are less prone to corruption or crashing
  • Speed: Quicker to load the file, run reports
  • Stay comfortably under the 14,500 name limit for Pro/Premier
  • Convert to QuickBooks Online
  • Upgrade to newer versions of Quickbooks faster and easier

This service has been used by hundreds of satisfied customers all North America. Since Quickbooks does not have a condense feature in the Canadian edition, this service gives users the chance to continue to use their existing data files rather than create a new data file and lose history. Also, even though the US version of Quickbooks does have a condense feature, it does not work correctly with data files with Inventory or Advanced Inventory.

The actual process is easy. Once the file is uploaded, E-Tech supercondenses it. You can download the smaller file and enjoy the benefits right away.

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